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Is it worth the bus ride? PRYZM Kingston

For any Roehampton student now well-versed in the trifecta of RSU night-time events, (i.e. you’ve mooched for cigarettes in the prison-style courtyard of Infernos, awkwardly balanced a fishbowl while boogying to some remix of “Eye of the Tiger” at the Clapham Grand, and been shooed out of BOP at approximately 2AM just as you were getting your sway on) what

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Drunken Drama is a Digby Diner Debauchery… and it’s the best thing on campus!

Here’s a concept: get three educated students to write parodies of classic pop-culture, have a group of whoever shows up rehearse said parody for a month, get them all trollied, plastered, wasted, and throw a big performance! What could go wrong? Last term I had the honour of starring in two Drunken Dramas for SSOAP society (to which I have

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