RSU Elections 2020: Meet the Vice President Education Candidate Lauryn Fleming

Our fourth sabbatical candidate for RSU Elections is Lauryn Fleming. She is in her final year of Dance Studies undergraduate programme and is running for the role of VP Education.

Q) Why have you decided to run in this election, and why for this role?

Lauryn: Throughout my three years at Roehampton, I have always been involved in everything it has had to offer which has given me a great feeling of togetherness among myself and other students. I believe this is one of the most positive parts about uni life and what really unifies our Roey community. I am all about making positive change and by working alongside you as students, I believe I can make this happen. I have been lucky enough to represent the student voice as a programme representative for my department throughout my degree, but I don’t want it to finish there. I feel like I now have more confidence to achieve much more on your behalf and to offer my support to a wider community.

Q) What is it, in your opinion, that should definitely be improved at this university, and how would you do so?

Lauryn: Although my Roehampton experience has been extremely positive, there have been some times where a clearer communication strategy might have been useful. Speaking from personal experience, there have been some cases where certain concerns or questions have been raised and students have been left unsure of the solution or answer. If elected for this role, I would ensure that the feedback loop always gets closed for your peace of mind as students. Your voice will be heard, acted upon appropriately and communicated back to you in a way that makes you feel fully supported throughout your degree.

Q) Due to the COVID-19 outbreak you are forced to campaign online. Do you think this penalises you compared to the other students who ran in the previous years?

Lauryn: Having previously run in the RSU elections, I have noticed a big difference in preparing campaign material for this year. It admits that is difficult knowing I’m not able to be present outside, meeting students face to face and answering their questions. It is a shame that I won’t be able to experience this personal side of campaigning as I really enjoy getting to talk with students around campus. I do however understand that this is the same for all candidates so if there is any feeling of being penalised then it is the same for each of us. With this being said though, it will be interesting to see what new and inventive campaign ideas candidates and students will get involved with as a result of the online election. I don’t think it is a complete disadvantage as it is still possible to reach a large majority of students online but I can appreciate that it is a very different approach to get used to compared with the usual campaigning and voting process.

Q) What are your expectations for this role and job?

Lauryn: As a result of being a programme rep, working alongside fellow reps and staff I have gained some insight over three years into the ways that the education system at Roehampton works. I imagine there will be a lot of interaction and liaison between the student body and the university’s departments and I look forward to the challenges in trying to work to the best of my ability for you as well as representing the RSU. I’m hard-working and will do my best to deliver the student’s needs but I also hope to have fun and enjoy my time experiencing Roehampton University from a different perspective to what I have already done.

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