RSU Election 2020: Meet the Vice President Community & Welfare Candidate Tai Charles-Martin

Our last sabbatical candidate for the role of VP Community & Welfare, running alongside Nicoló Sodaro, is Tai Charles-Martin, a Law student at his third year.

Q) Why have you decided to run in this election, and why for this role?

Tai: I have decided to run because I believe I have all the competencies to make the incremental changes needed to make a big difference. Due to my outgoing nature, I feel as if welfare and community is an area I can thrive in.

Q) What is it, in your opinion, that should definitely be improved in this university, and how would you do so?

Tai: I feel that communication between university bodies and students should be clearer. I think that a way to do this would be to increase face to face interaction between the two parties.

Q) Due to the COVID-19 outbreak you are forced to campaign online. Do you think this penalises you compared to the other students who ran in the previous years?

Tai: I think it only penalises candidates specifically from a promotional point of view. Other than that, students are provided with the platforms to read manifestos and get in contact with candidates.

Q) What are your expectations for this role and job?

Tai: I think it will be active, challenging and enjoyable. I expect there will be times that are harder than others but that if done properly then the reward will be worth it.

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