RSU Election 2020: Meet the RSU President Candidate Micah Robertson

Our third candidate in the RSU Election is Micah David Robertson. He is an undergrad student in Classical History at his third year and he is running, along to Farrah Black, for the role of RSU President.

Q) Why have you decided to run in this election, and why for this role?

Micah: I decided I wanted to run for RSU President halfway through my time at Roehampton. It is always been something that has appealed to me, but I finally worked up the confidence to decide I wanted to do it around then. I am a very extroverted person who loves to be around people and help people and seeing the good for Roehampton I could do in the presidential role made it something I just had to run for.

Q) What is it, in your opinion, that should definitely be improved at this university, and how would you do so?

Micah: I personally believe the way events are handled and advertised is a huge problem currently and one I aim to tackle. There have been many times I have personally seen events go borderline empty because there simply was not enough advertisement, or it was not an event that grabbed the attention of different groups of people. To tackle this, I would make weekly videos talking about events happening in the following week, be they official or society, and post these video updates on all the social media I could, and possibly have a written version emailed around. With this, I hope to inspire people like off-campus students who probably do not spend enough time on campus to always know what is going on to come to events and to advertise things some students may not have even known existed to everyone.

Q) Due to the COVID-19 outbreak you are forced to campaign online. Do you think this penalises you compared to the other students who ran in the previous years?

Micah: The Covid-19 outbreak certainly has added an unexpected twist to this election! I do believe not being able to be out and physically campaign will hurt campaign reach and voter turnout, however, I am confident all candidates will rise to the challenge and inspire students that despite these unusual circumstances, we can still make this work.

Q) What are your expectations for this role and job?

Micah: I am expecting the role of president to be a tough but rewarding one. I am by no means expecting a cakewalk, and in turn will be putting my full force into the job. I am passionate about the University of Roehampton and I am passionate about the students who go here. If there is one thing I want to achieve in this role, it is to make the RSU feel more like the RS-You.

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