RSU Election 2020: Meet the RSU President Candidate Farrah Black

As campaigns for the RSU Elections 2020 are officially underway, we interviewed all the sabbatical candidates to get to know them and their plans to improve student life on campus.

The first candidate is Farrah Alice Black, a third year undergraduate student in Drama Studies, who is running for the role of RSU President.

Q) Why have you decided to run in this election, and why for this role?

Farrah: I care a lot about the RSU and this University, so I really wanted to see the role of Student President go to someone who could do a great job. After a lot of pondering over this past year (and a couple of nudges from friends) I realised I could be that person that I want to see make a real, positive difference. I’ve experienced so many different aspects of the RSU and student life here, and enjoyed being a part of the Student Union Committee (SUC) so much, that the knowledge and understanding I have developed would be an advantage in ensuring that every students voice is heard and everyone’s needs are met.

Q) What is it, in your opinion, that should definitely be improved at this university, and how would you do so?

Farrah: That changes are always based on direct student feedback, never based on assumptions of what students want. That means more effective and accessible communication between the RSU and students across the entire university. I would achieve this by ensuring that from Fresher’s Week, all students know who their representatives are and how to contact them. I would also bring together representatives from across all walks of student life, so that they can better communicate the needs of the students they represent- as well as personally remaining engaged in RSU activities and talking to students on a personal level, as a friendly face anyone can turn to. I would arrange regular meetings between flat reps and the SUC, as well as an event at the beginning of each term in which campus security, events security, the Bystander Intervention Team, and college wardens can properly meet and form a closer relationships- to improve communication between one another, so that they can assist students more effectively and efficiently in times of need.

Q) Due to the COVID-19 outbreak you are forced to campaign online. Do you think this penalises you compared to the other students who ran in previous years?

Farrah: A little, yes. But it’s nothing that can be helped and we’re all self-isolating for very good reason- we’re not stuck at home, we’re safe at home. The main downside is that I had been really looking forward to being out on campus everyday talking to students face-to-face. I had an entire schedule mapped out in my planner and everything! I was going to make sure I was out 9am until 6pm every day, and covering all four colleges equally. But sometimes things change beyond your control, and I definitely feel like I’ve made the most of this unexpected free time adapting to how I will campaign online instead.

Q) What are your expectations for this role and job?

Farrah: It’s going to be a lot of hard work, because anything you care a lot about and want to do the best possible job at, is never going to come easy. If I’m elected, it will won’t be position I ever take lightly; I just care too much about this to risk not doing good enough. Something I’ve learned from being part of the Bystander Intervention Lead is that no matter how stressful and hard a situation is, the feeling of doing good and helping people is so rewarding, that it vastly outweighs the cons. So if I am elected, I know that this will be a very rewarding experience too.

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