Clarendon games founder speaks on origins

On March 5th, Clarendon Games founder and owner Will Sorrell was talking at Grove Hall on how he started his business.

Hosted by the WandsWorth Chamber of Commerce, Mr Sorrell spoke mainly to young students and business owners on how he started and what the process was like.

Back in 2012, Mr Sorrell worked for a skincare company as a product developer.

He then left to pursue his business fulltime, which he has been working on since 2009.

Mr. Sorrell was confident that people were wanting alternative forms of entertainment outside of video games.

He described the games as being “perfect for after dinner or to wile away a Sunday with family and friends.”

Since then, he has designed and released 17 games that have sold over 250,000 units worldwide.

Speaking on the success of the company, he said that it was “forecasted to do a million pounds this year.

“I design the games; they’re manufactured in china: distribute them here in the UK and other English speaking territories of the world directly.

“Here in the UK, our biggest customers are Amazon, but also John Lewis.”

During the event, Mr. Sorrell answered a sleuth of questions from both students and business owners.

One such question was on how he came up with ideas for the games and whether deadlines worked.

He admitted that, as a business owner, he always had something on mind but said that it wasn’t something he came up with, often taking time.

In addition, he found that having a deadline could work.

The event as a whole was successful and had a great outcome, generating much interest.

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