International Students speak on why they chose Roehampton

Two international students from the United States of America explain why they chose to study at the University of Roehampton and how it has benefited them.

Mikaela Craft and Emily Bloodworth chose to complete part of their degree at the University of Roehampton.

Hailing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Ms Craft said that she chose Roehampton due to positive word of mouth from one of her friends, who previously studied here.

“I needed to study dance here cause there are not as many classes back in my home university.”

During her semester here, she is studying intro to the London Stage, Urban Dance and Horton.

Speaking on what she wants to achieve personally, Ms Craft said she wanted to explore London and the surrounding countryside.

“While I’m here, I want to see as many shows as I can (as much theatre as I can), and just explore London and the surrounding areas to the fullest.”

Emily Bloodworth – University of Roehampton Student

Originating from Southeast Missouri State University, Ms Bloodworth studies writing and secondary English education.

“I went there as they had programs I was interested in and they offered me a really good scholarship.”

Regarding on what lead her to study at the University of Roehampton, Ms Bloodworth admits she was interested in studying abroad, especially after she discovered that her home university had a partnership with the University of Roehampton.

“The only school that fit with my academic needs was the university of Roehampton.

“So I decided to come here and it kinda worked out, even though it was the only option.

“I was really interested in London anyway as there is so much to do for English majors.”

According to the University of Roehampton study abroad team, studying internationally can broaden “personal and intellectual horizons,”

“Study Abroad enriches your education in many ways, taking you out of your comfort zone, enhancing cross-cultural skills and immersing you in an entirely new culture.”

Ms Bloodworth and Ms Craft are currently completing their studies and are soon to explore Europe.

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